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Fungi Nail by Kramer Labs

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Brand

Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Brand anti-fungal solution has been successfully treating finger and toe fungus for over 25 years. Its proven effectiveness continues to make Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Brand. the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand for treating finger and toe fungus.

Hongo Cura Footcare

HC MAX™ Hongo Cura

HC MAX™ Hongo Cura
is a popular Hispanic anti-fungal treatment available in a spray and ointment. HC MAX™ Hongo Cura is used most frequently to treat and relieve the itching and burning of Athlete’s Foot.

Kramer Labs Safe tussin


Safetussin® provides safe and effective cough relief for those with high blood pressure, diabetes or those who simply want safe cough relief, pure and simple!