Making Every Day Health Better…Everyday

Since 1983, Kramer Laboratories has developed unique, scientifically-honed products for consumers who want to treat and relieve their everyday health care conditions at home. Kramer’s focus has resulted in the creation of brands such as Fungi-Nail® Toe & Foot® Brand and HC Max™ Hongo Cura that offer relief to consumers suffering from difficult-to-treat foot fungal problems, and Safetussin®, a specialty a cough cold solution developed by a Pharmacist to meet the needs of adults afflicted with diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

All Kramer brands are available in drug, food, and mass merchandiser outlets across the U.S.

Fungi Nail Hongo Cura Safetussin Kramer Labs Office
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What Our Customers Say

All I can say is Thank You! I believe you saved my foot!


– Gary H.