Safetussin by Kramer Labs


Safetussin® cough syrup was originally developed by a Pharmacist who recognized that many of his customers were suffering from High Blood Pressure and/or Diabetes and needed a uniquely formulated cough relief remedy…one that is:

  • Sugar free
  • Dye free
  • Gluten free, and
  • Alcohol free cough

Safetussin® meets these important  needs to deliver fast relief of coughs and colds without unwanted ingredients.  Adults seeking a safe answer to their coughs, sneezy or running noses now know Safetussin® is the clear choice.  Safetussin® DM day time cough relief;  Safetussin® PM night time relief are available in quality food, drug and discount stores in the U.S.

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Safe tussin is awesome! Thank you, i’m allergic to everything 🙂

– Kristina D.